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We are very excited to announce that we will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our first album, Lights, with a special one-off show.

We released 'Lights' on 29th May 2006, and 10 years to the day, on the 29th May 2016, we will be playing the album in it's entirety with the original lineup of Will, James, Naoto and Fim at the O2 Academy Islington 2.

Tickets will be £10 and will go on sale for 02 customers on 6th January, and general release on 8th January. 

Tickets will be available from here.
Hope to see you all there x



Kerrang! Award Nominees and Rock Sound’s most underrated band of 2008, London-based quartet Brigade rank as one of the most criminally overlooked bands in British rock music. 

Unbridled by the latest ‘scene’ or fashion, they’ve always teetered on the brink of the ‘big-time’, picking up plenty of critical plaudits along the way for their impeccable ability to write huge, timeless rock songs that are built on intricate structures and eschew clichés.  

They create muscular, passionate tunes that blow up into enormous soundscape epics, while always retaining the all-important ingredient - the song. Powerful, sometimes earth shattering, sometimes timid, Brigade's sound is unique and compelling. It's not emo, it's not indie, it's not pop. Brigade cannot be limited to genre pigeonholes, their tunes live outside such limitations as anyone who has heard them will testify. Indeed their debut EP 'Made To Wreck' takes you on a journey of honest, bare emotion and shuddering hard driving rock rhythms.

Their critically acclaimed debut album 'Lights' is filled with infectious enthusiasm and sparkling energy. From the gutpunch heaviosity of 'Queenie' to the languid swirling atmosphere of 'The Hits, The Scrapes' it genuinely takes the listener on an aural journey. Showcasing their florid and barbed artrock stylings, it immediately defines the band as something far outside the tired and pedestrian outpourings of many of their contemporaries.

While 2006’s ‘Lights’ was a debut from a band who were tentatively finding their own feet and direction, ‘Come Morning We Fight’ is testament to a group who have assertively honed their sound, challenged themselves as musicians, dared to experiment outside the norm, and taken immense strides forward in their outlook. It’s an album that towers over the majority of today’s rock bands, a maniacal masterpiece of sure-fire rock hits. ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is a bold opening statement of intent: punchy, dynamic and raunchy. First single ‘Pilot’ is an infectious and atmospheric heart-wrenching ditty, while ‘Slow Dives & Alibis’ illustrates the band’s power, musical complexities and frantic hard-hitting drive. Ensuring maximum diversity, ‘Sink Sink Swim’ is a sombre and yet uplifting, unashamed pop song.

Their most recent album ‘Will Be Will Be’ is the most ambitious thing Brigade – a band who have never shied from expansive rock songs or massive melodies – have ever done, and they’ve pulled it off with aplomb. For the first time, the band used electronic programming, percussion and strings, and in ‘Find Your Own Way Home’ included gang vocals contributed by PledgeMusic pledgers – fans who got involved by donating to the record’s funding.

Having toured with the likes of Fightstar, Hidden In Plain View, Hundred Reasons, Hell is for Heroes, INME and Biffy Clyro, the band have become live favourites, and with a creative philosophy that defines them as a pure and focused rock band, they are determined to forge their own path.

It’s in no way overstating the sonic scope and musical vision of Brigade to say that this is a band comparable to British rock powerhouses such as Muse and Biffy Clyro, and that they haven’t been able to reach similar levels of commercial success is in no way a reflection of their quality. ‘Will Be Will Be’ is the ultimate way to close this part of the band’s rich history, and is undoubtedly one of the finest UK rock records of 2011. If they never make another album, it will leave a fitting legacy.

"Brigade are much more than merely worthy - they're a towering beat of a rock band...the best of Biffy Clyro, Funeral for a Friend and Smashing Pumpkins collide beautifully in 'Adjust' and the especially brilliant 'Magneto' to create something far too dynamic to willfully ignore. So don't." NME

"This is guitar music at its most pure and vital; searing riffs, soaring melodies and a fantastic pop sensibility all help to make this debut album instantly noteworthy. If we had more bands like Brigade to reinforce the strength of our homegrown music scene, who knows what heights it could reach. " ROCK SOUND